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            Anqing CSSC Diesel Engine Co. ,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ACD) was first established in 1960. Subordinate to China State Shipbuilding Corporation, it is a CSSC manufacturing base for medium and small bore,medium speed diesel engines and a support base for diesel engine key components. ACD has an annual production capacity of over 600 diesel engines.     he company mainly produces “Anqing-Daihatsu” DE-18、DE-23、DK-20、DK-26、DK-28、DK-36、DC-17、DC-32 series medium-speed...
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        Address:Address: Xingye Road, 3.9 square kilometers Industrial Park of Anqing economic and Technological Development Zone Zip code:246003
        Phone:0556-5307223 Fax:0556-5209644 Email:wangyuebin1213@126.com
        Maintenance of the unit:CHINA SHIPBUILDING IT CO.,LTD. Address: no.5, yuantan north street, xicheng district, Beijing.
        Phone:08610-59518822 Fax:+8610-59517959 Email:clients@shipbuilding.com.cn
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